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Rapid Technology Solutions is a full service information technology company with expertise in network engineering, applications engineering and business operations. We employ best-in-class technologies to monitor and maintain client systems to create secure environment for your business. RTS differentiates in that our collaborative team environment works to find swift and unique resolutions for unusual issues.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and it is impossible for even the most technically advanced businesses to keep up with current developments and trends. RTS researches and continuously evaluate the latest technologies. Most of our clients have internal IT staff or departments. Our client-centric approach allows us to take time to learn each of our individual client’s needs, their architecture, systems, and applications so that we can tailor solutions to the specific needs of their IT Department, their business and their budget.

Put RTS knowledge and expertise to work for your business.


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"Move from your AGING HARDWARE to the RTS Cloud and get
guaranteed 99.9% uptime!"


RTS serves clients in a multitude of markets and geographies. Below are a few that demonstrate the technical diversity and skill-set of RTS. We have experience in service industries, manufacturing, construction, and heavy industry. Entering the IT industry in 2006, RTS has established itself as a trusted technology provider and a critical element of our clients’ business operations. RTS strives to instill trust, loyalty, and best-in-class customer support to all clients. The best possible service at an affordable rate is what makes RTS the right-sized solution for every business.


Securing the future

IT security is crux for most finance firms. For this reason, RTS does extensive R&D on network security.  RTS strives to create the most secure environment for all clients, regardless of industry.  RTS being well versed in network security translates to “your staff does not need to be.” With this said, RTS exercises the latest in security best practices when dealing with your company’s IT infrastructure.

The RTS Cloud offers a secure cloud dedicated to hosting client servers.  This eliminates the concern of keeping up with the latest IT security trends, and the cost of implementing them.  RTS spends significant time and effort making sure the RTS Cloud is the best possible environment for client servers.


A hosted EMR a day keeps the IT company away

Modern medical practices rely heavily on technology for nearly every aspect of the business.  Most commonly, the core of the technology reliance is EMR.  Aging servers can make self-hosted EMR unreliable and sometimes difficult to access remotely.  EMR being down can cost a practice thousands of dollars per hour. Why not eliminate this concern and make your system 99.9% reliable?  Hosting your EMR in the RTS Cloud can alleviate a major reliability “pain-point” as well as provide easy access from remote locations.  Need to write notes at home? No problem.

RTS provides hosting for numerous medical practitioners, urgent care clinics, and other outpatient centers.  RTS has worked with several EMR providers to create fully redundant, hosted cloud solutions that can be available from anywhere with 99.9% up-time. This alone can be a major improvement for most small to medium-sized medical practices.  In addition, RTS offers many PC maintenance programs so business owners can forget about what is behind the scenes and focus on what makes them money.


Time is money

The legal field relies heavily on technology to bill hours. When the technology is slow and unreliable, it interferes with the ability for law firms to make money.  With this is mind, making sure your infrastructure is fast and reliable is paramount. This combined with fast access to support ensures your firm can focus on the task at hand.

RTS knows and understands the role of technology in the legal field. This has lead to RTS securing contracts with numerous law firms that range in scale from very small to very large.


Engineering a better way

RTS supports numerous clients in the Engineering field. RTS understands engineering firms rely heavily on technology and have high expectations for the reliability of their network. With this is mind, RTS hosts numerous engineering clients in the RTS Cloud. This maximizes up-time, reliability, and reduces the overall IT footprint. Offloading the IT responsibility alleviates the burden of managing complicated infrastructure.

To further reduce the management of IT, RTS offers multiple tiers of desktop management. These tiers range from management tools for onsite IT staff all the way to 100% RTS managed with unlimited desktop support. This makes it easy for clients, whether they prefer hands-on or off IT management.


Built on Service

The construction industry relies upon technology for communications, scheduling, and finance. When the technology is not appropriately deployed, it affects the ability of the team to get the job done on-time and within budget. Reliable infrastructure combined with efficient response and resolutions ensures your firm can focus on the job.

RTS knows and understands the role of technology in the construction. RTS has contracts with numerous design, construction, and contracting firms.


Creating a Strong Bond

RTS supports numerous clients in various manufacturing fields. We understand that manufacturing processes and environments rely heavily on technology with integrated design, production and testing machinery. Manufacturers have high expectations for the reliability of their network and connectivity. With this is mind, RTS supports numerous manufacturing clients. By maximizing up-time, reliability of operational systems, we offload the IT responsibility and alleviate the burden of managing complicated infrastructure.

Downtime equals lost dollars in manufacturing environments. RTS is a trusted partner of manufacturing operations in numerous product markets, applying best practices that are specifically nuanced for the client needs.


Team of Professionals

The RTS team boasts a diverse technical skill-set that serves many areas of Information Technology.  Our experienced team works together to devise creative, unique, and effective solutions for current and prospective clients.  As consultants, the RTS team operates in a proactive and strategic manner to make the most of client IT budgets.

Marc Maseman

Marc has a passion for launching and scaling businesses. RTS was acquired in 2022 as an affiliate company to Sphere Integrated Solutions with goals to develop a turnkey technology platform from construction through life-cycle management. Marc is an has been engaged in business on a local, national, and international level throughout his career in chemicals, transportation, and technology.

When he is not working, Marc is an avid snow skier, travels with his children for their sports, or is out on the water somewhere.

Doug Rowe

Chief Revenue Officer
Doug has spent all of his 25 year career in and around technology. It was his idea that lead to the founding of Sphere, acquisition of RTS, and that idea fuels the continued growth of the affiliated companies. Doug’s focus is primarily in business development and project management in construction related activities for our Communications, Security, and Infrastructure division which is Sphere Integrated Solutions.

When Doug isn’t working, he can often be found on a golf course, rooting for the Noles, or spending time with his family.

Bret Beyer

Founder & Advisor
Bret is known by many to be a serial entrepreneur; successfully launching and exiting numerous businesses. His vision for RTS was a simple concept “Providing a solid technical base so companies can use IT as the cornerstone of their business” to allow for the business to grow in an unimpeded manner. Bret exited RTS as majority owner in 2022, but remains on our team as a consultant and advisor.

When Bret is not working, he enjoys coaching his son’s sports teams, traveling with his family, and sipping a fine bourbon.

Dale Harrell

Corporate Controller
Dale is the Corporate Controller and long-time team member of the ownership group of RTS. He is responsible for the accounting and reporting all of the affiliated companies in the group.  Dale enjoys fishing and his Ford Mustang.

Jeff Wiedenfeller

Sage Expert
Jeff is a Sage accounting software reseller and support specialist. He designs and enhances ERP solutions primarily with Sage 300 and Sage X3. He consults with RTS and was a key member in creation of RTS. In his leisure, he enjoys watching Tampa Bay’s local sports teams and spending time with his family.

Rob Fidelke

Rob is a programmer specializing in ASP.NET web forms and MVC applications. He prides himself in being an incredibly quick study and keeping up with Microsoft’s latest technologies. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Information Technology.

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RTS is committed to providing prompt and reliable work when you when you need it most.  The RTS team can work remotely or have a technician dispatched as promptly as possible.  RTS prides itself in being a reliable


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Virtual hosting is the practice of putting the servers your business relies on into a secure virtual environment. Once your servers are virtual, they can be easily copied, backed up, and transferred. This also adds the economic benefit of letting your business utilize only what it needs.  Forecasting for expected growth is a thing of the past.

Desktop Support ensures your computers are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and antivirus definitions. Updating your PC mitigates some of the risk security compromise. Having a managed antivirus program also protects user PCs from harmful viruses found all over the internet.

Managed Services is the practice of delegating the IT responsibility to a company that focuses solely on IT. This allows your business to focus on what it does best and not worry about managing the complicated IT infrastructure. RTS has found in many cases, a company will save significant money by eliminating on-site IT personnel. Conversely, if your company has a dedicated IT team, RTS can augment your existing IT department.

Has your Exchange server ever gone down and you couldn’t receive email? Cloud email allows you to get email anywhere and on any device. The only reliance is a stable internet. The stability and simplicity of modern cloud email providers is unrivaled by in-house email systems.  RTS is a re-seller for Microsoft 365 as well as Google G Suite.

Mark Smith

A Marina Management Company

" RTS has always been responsive to our requests. They have been able resolve our issues quickly and efficiently. Their technicians all seem knowledgeable. I would recommend them to others. "


Custom Clothier

" Technology is not my strong suit, but so paramount for the success of my business, let alone our standard daily process. I have been working with Bret and RTS for eight years. They have kept me up to date with our hardware needs and have created seamless internal communication as well as boosting our relationships with our vendors. "